About Us

FOOD JOY CATERING –  an extraordinary service featuring fresh, seasonal and creative food.

What FOOD JOY CATERING EVENTS Offers: Efficiency, Creativity, & Professionalism

FOOD JOY CATERING is dedicated to providing the finest of unique gourmet meals, custom designed just for your events, and intended to fulfill all of your catering needs.

Special thematic and dietary needs are always taken into consideration, and are coupled with creative concepts to create the perfect celebration – offered at a fair, affordable price.

We are a high end catering service in the greater Los Angeles area. We deliver premium event experiences to our clientele in terms of designing an event with total or non total control for your event. We offer coordinators with years of experience in tying together your creative ideas.
Taste and variety are the essence of why we love to cook and prepare extraordinary dishes.
The presentation of our food is like a piece of art that we design from our hearts. We strive to deliver impeccable results full of nourishment and taste. Our chefs are thoughtful in preparing and cooking, their full effort always stands out in the end.
We offer a spectrum of menu compositions and have provided experienced and organized event coordination for many private and corporate events.

Meet Cristina  and the Gelibter’s Executive Chef, Leonel Gonzalez Founders of Food Joy Catering.
You’ll see the passion for entertaining in his eyes, and taste the results in every bite.What began more than twenty years ago as a busboy’s curiosity has evolved into a mature career preparing delicious fare; for a wide variety of social and corporate events, including Heads of State and Hollywood elite, and countless family celebrations in between.”I’m so proud to know my clients who have helped me build my company from the ground up. The experience of the events I enjoy, the hot plated food that has to be sent out in a short period of time excites me. I love the decor of the events always perfected by my staff, it’s refreshing, and the astonished look on the clients face on their special day is what I strive for. It’s everything behind-the-scenes as well — the fragrance of splintered garlic, the essence of fresh herbs in the mix of the air, the crackle of olive oil arising from the skillet, the sight of perfectly roasted seasonal vegetables, and a fresh grilled steak coming off of the grill. Cooking speaks to all of my senses with humbleness and thoughtfulness. It’s a joy I fell in love with that I never imagined I would. What humbles me the most is my family, I do it all for them, and when I go back to my hometown and I know not everyone makes it out of here perhaps that makes me strive for more success every time…”